Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here's a better version of the scratchboard of Jan Neggers. It was generally dark in the room we were in, and it was hard to get good photos without the proper lighting. The flash just made it worse...

Jan thankfully sent me this scan. If anyone else I did has a better scan of the work I did of you, please send it along if you can.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

International Society of Caricature Artists- North Carolina-2008

Here's one of did of the "ROCK" while standing on a chair above him (there were 100 drawings of him, so I was trying to change it up). A photo of me and Rock. One of me and some say my look-a-like- Steve Silver, and some drawings I did from his figure drawing for character design class. The interesting exercise was to study the figure and then draw from memory after she breaks the pose. The last photo is of our workspace showcasing Jason Seiler's great acrylic painting of George Lucas. There's a better copy on his blog.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Even more ISCA stuff

Here's some more- one of Seo Kim in brown pencil and brown brush pen (ignore the spot), one of Jan Neggers in un-inked scratchboard, and a photo of Fred Harper, Jason Seiler and Paul Moyse with me telling Jason's Brother-In-Law to push the button on the camera half-way to focus.

More ISCA Convention

Here's some more work from my wall. Each artist is given a section of the wall to display their work with a number. Then, throughout the week you try to caricature whoever you want out of the people there and then at the end, you are judged by everybody in attendance in a number of different categories. There is best black and white, best color, best cartoony style, best abstract style, etc.
The first one is of someone I drew from life while attending Joe Bluhm's advanced party caricature seminar. Don't worry, Joe, I was still listening. The second is of Mikey in Acrylic and the third is of Kamal from Singapore in scratchboard.

NCN(ISCA) Convention-2008

Just got back Sat. night from a long drive from North Carolina where I attended the National Caricaturist Network Convention- (now called more appropriately the International Society of Caricature Artists). It was a lot of work, but always inspirational and worth the trip. I was fortunate enough to sit next to Jason Seiler and Fred Harper during the convention who inspired me from a painter's point of view and helped me to push myself. I drove down with Paul Moyse and Fred Harper- both of whom are very talented. Paul also did a great one of me. Check these guys out and Jason Seiler from my links to the right. They are all award winners. Btw, the one in the cap is Jason and is pastel and the other one is Paul and is painted with Acrylics. More to come...