Monday, June 22, 2009

Old stuff

Here's some older paintings I never posted; The Beatles and Pete Townshend were done in 2001 for my friend in London, and I only had transparencies of them until a few days ago. The Lou Reed and the Roseanne Barr were done waaaaaay back in school in 1991. The Roseanne Barr was done in reaction to her singing of the National Anthem where she grabbed her crotch afterwards to mimic what some ball-players do. I don't think it was disrespecting the country- just a failed joke, so I was just showing the general perception in the country of what she did and how it was misinterpreted. I probably could've worked more on the body of this one, but I didn't have a reference... so I probably just got lazy at the end.

The Lou Reed painting was donated to The Riverside Church Weekday School's Auction for its Annual Spring Benefit to assist in bringing children a strong educational start.
It's going to do more good there than in some corner of my apartment collecting dust.

Anyway, I want to move onto some new work.

Monday, June 01, 2009


And the last of the Power Women.

Next is a new painting of Bruce Springsteen... but a copy of the one I already did.
Otherwise, I've just been busy with Gigs and other minor projects.


Another of the Power Women.