Friday, February 24, 2006

Too happy

Thanks for the comments, Justin, Fer, Cam and Pam...

Yes, I'm a little too happy. Making fun of people through drawing always makes me smirk. At least I'm not laughing when I'm drawing them...

Last night I saw a clip from "Art School Confidential" and it looks great. John Malkovich is an art teacher who paints awful triangles; looks really funny.


CamChes said...

I can't wait to see ASC either.... Clowes and Zwigoff make a great team

Justin Leigh Leiter said...'s officially a new I'll chime in with the first...Update! Update!


FrogDaddy said...

hey dan- met you a coupla times thru justin
and now I'm meeting you through justin's links
to his cool bloggers! your work kicks almighty ass!
keep 'em comin'!

Erik Mann said...

another great blog from you guys. i'd point you to mine but it isn't yet the way I'd like it. i do have a website that I think is cool, kind of almost about brazil martial art