Monday, August 07, 2006

California's Governor

I was cleaning up underneath my bed today, and found this one of Arnold- it was for one of those mucle magazines I think, and I was trying to get any job I could. I just graduated from RISD, and I answered an ad from the NY Times. It was for a full time artist position, and this was my only sample to show, so I didn't get the job. This was in 1991 and it's scratchboard.


Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Dan - This is seriously awesome. I know you can do the detail and the realism, but you've taken it to levels i didn't know you had done before...beautiful linework!

Dan Springer said...

Thanks, Justin.
I guess realism usually doesn't interest me as much as interpreting the realism and saying something about the subject. However, I still appreciate realism and it's value, and do it from time to time.